Dear me, I’ve been productive today. I got not just one but TWO things done! Oh yes! I have both shaved, and had a haircut! Yay, go me! Stay tuned for the science bit:

+2 pts My mother will no longer nag me to shave and cut my hair!

+2 pts I now look “more like a graduate”.

    -1 pts …but that’s only according to my mother.

-2 pts I no longer look like a beardy Frodo.

    +1 pts …but I still eat like a hobbit and flirt with male friends, so that’s okay.

+2 pts Now with extra shota potential!

    -1 pts …but I’ll now get asked for ID in pubs.

    -1 pts …but I’m not sure shota potential is a good thing anyway.

+2 pts Eric won’t complain anymore.

-1 pt I no longer look like Tsuki.

TOTAL: +3 pts! Banzai.