Five Hours' Sleep

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Well, I’ve got a fun five hours’ sleep ahead of me before my only compulsory bit of the week, my Physics tutorial! Woohoo, what fun!

Anyway~su, it was the Gateley & Romero Halls’ Christmas Party tonight… erm… “party” in the oddest sense of the word. We were given “free entry” tickets to Walkabout’s in town. Unfortunately, there isn’t actually a charge to get in normally, the place is as atmosphere-less as the surface of Pluto, and the drinks are three times a sane price. After we got extremely bored of the place, we went to Ikon by taxi (costing >= £2 each), then looked at the queue, decided we couldn’t be bothered, then got another taxi straight back home again (another >= £2).

After that, things started looking up as we invited some friends over, drank some more and played Twister. And now, I’ve gotta try and sober up, go to bed, and arrive at Uni tomorrow without a hangover. Hmm… This’ll be fun!