Star Waltz

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It’s… so cold out here… Alone, dreaming, under the stars…

Still… there’s only one week left… before the holidays… but then, nearly everyone’s working except me, so… what will I do with my time…? Surely not revise?! 0_0 Ah well, it’s really kinda’ insignificant I guess.

Aaaaaaand now for something completely different. Today I probably spent waaaay too much money on going to London, buying manga and having a good time, but it was great fun. The whole Bournemouth crew showed up, and Ant and a friend of his from Uni joined us in London. Even though there were loads of Anime-England people at LAC, I failed to recognise any of them, apart from Snap, when we met him and Neo in Namco Station in the evening. I’m really glad I did go, I wouldn’t have wanted to spend yet another day here at home, doing nothing… But annoyingly, we got home really late due to those blasted trains, and I’ve gotta wake up early tomorrow morning to do some Electronics, so I can justify how I’ve spent last Friday’s lab time that I took off. Well, there wasn’t really much I could do in the lab session anyway, so I thought it’d be a better use of my time to go home and write up all the stuff we need to do in preparation for the project. But then… I…. kinda’ forgot…^_^;;;