Getting the Boat Back Together

After seven years sat in storage, I have finally decided to dig my old RC boat out and have another go at it. I last touched it seven years ago, when I got it working as a remote control toy, but stopped short of getting it fully autonomous. There were a number of problems with getting the hardware small enough to fit, and a general lack of enthusiasm on the software side as a result.

However, when bored and looking around for a new project, I decided it would be a much better idea to actually finish an old one instead. If you’re interested, I am resuming documenting the build in the “USV-01 Harry Paye” section of the site, starting from step 7, “Redesign with Beaglebone Blue”.

A model RC boat sat on a lawn. It has two large antennas and a pirate flag. Harry Paye, a remote control boat, sat outside for GPS testing

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