Thus far, I have discerned the following differences between driving in the UK and Saudi Arabia. They are presented here for your edification.


Saudi Arabia

Turning left(right) at a red light is…

Dangerous and illegal

Dangerous, legal and actively encouraged

Flashing your headlights means…

I am here

Get out of my fucking lane, bitch!

Speed bumps mean that you should…

Slow down

Try to ramp off the top of them at high speed

Driving without a licence is…

A criminal offense


Undertaking is…

Illegal unless in slow traffic or approaching a junction

Essential in order to get anywhere

Mobile phones to be used while driving


Two or more

U-turns on motorways are…

Illegal and usually impossible

An essential skill

…if you’re in an articulated lorry…


+20 points

…with no side or rear lights…


+30 points

Men’s general approach to women drivers…

Wish they were banned

Wish they were legalised