In Search of Adventure: Alma Road Attic Exploration, Mission One

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In Tom’s room upstairs, there’s a cross between a cupboard and a door. It’s padlocked. In the bathroom ceiling, there’s a hatch. It’s sealed shut. In the living room ceiling there’s a hatch.

It opens.

~New Adventure: “Attic Exploration” START!~

Pushing the hatch open with a quarterstaff revealed only blackness and descending dust. Well, I guess I shouldn’t have expected otherwise. I tried attaching a torch to the end of a musket and poking it up there, but we couldn’t really make anything out. Even Mark, standing on a chair, couldn’t get up high enough. We have really tall ceilings here!

Mark declared himself unathletic, so I decided to see if I could pull myself up there. I found a headband and attached the torch to it, stood on the chair… and couldn’t reach high enough to get purchase on anything. It looked like I’d need more height.

Thankfully, what else do notice in the corner of the room but a coffee table? Excellent! Now, precariously balanced on a chair that is itself on the coffee table, I’m just about high enough to poke the torch up and look around.

Unfortunately, nothing interesting. Rafters, bits of foam and metal. I still can’t see floor level up there, though, so maybe there’s something I’m missing. I still can’t get enough purchase to lift myself up there, so it looks like we’ll need… more height! A taller table - like, say, the kitchen table!

I’ve stopped for tonight, but tomorrow or sometime soon the adventure will carry on!

~to be continued…~