The Dances and Songs of the Faerie Children

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Today has been… Well, fantastic in a very strange way.

First of all, there was the cosplay. I got bullied (well, it seems appropriate) into cosplaying as Shinji from Evangelion - I figured that since it was an easy character for me to do I’d go for it, provided I didn’t have to play the character’s personality. My problem is, I hate Shinji with passion. He is, in the end, very similar to me. But it’s a me gone wrong, a me lacking in willpower and being needlessly afraid. And while I get accused of lacking willpower regarding a certain issue anyway, I don’t think I’m anywhere near as bad as he is.

Anyways, the strangeness. There is, I figure, some kind of conspiracy going on. Because there was not only also a Misato but a Ritsuko as well. I think it’s only the lack of Rei and Asuka that kept me sane this evening, but still… Being Misato’d and Ritsuko’d at all evening was very weird. But, I won’t deny, it was fun.

I met plenty of new people, all of whom were officially awesome, we gatecrashed the anime society showing whilst in costume, and we ended up in the Hobbit for an especially awesome night of Gary-oke (pretty much three hours of pub sing-along for those who don’t know).

All in all, a fantastically shiny night!