The Rise and Fall of Caliphracti

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That was a weird dream. A weird sequence of dreams, in fact. No less than five tiems did I wake up and go back to sleep, and in each period of sleep the dream continued from where it left off. I pretty much slept through my two lectures this morning just to see where the dream would go.

The premise itself was simple, it’s just the results of it were damn weird. Take a person who had something between the personalities of the Ritsuko cosplayer from last night whose name I think I remember but shan’t utter in case I get it embarassingly wrong, and Asa from the anime and game “Shuffle!”. Insert this person into pretty much every scene in the entirety of the last week of my life, and see what happens.

Strange. Very strange.

EDIT: It turns out that the thoughts I thought I had for the last week about Hatted Andy coming down to Southampton this weekend were entirely imaginary, presumably also an effect of these spectacularly weird dreams…