Is that Freedom I Taste, or just the Espresso?

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Note to self: Caffeine is not a good substitute for revision.

I spent most of the morning’s Oscillations and Waves exam feeling like my head was full of fluff rather than brain. I forgot a few formulae that I really should have remembered, which meant that for a start I couldn’t even answer the first question properly. Things started to pick up (and my brain started to work again) about half way through, though, so I think I did okay. I’m guessing I got maybe around 60%, hopefully more.

Also: There’s a fine line between “deriving from first principles” and “blagging it”, which I may have crossed ^_^;

Anyway, as this morning’s haze of coffee and trigonometry fades, I’m finally starting to realise that it’s over - that’s it - no more exams - no more Uni for four months! On the one hand I’m felling very happy about that - there’s a long summer ahead of me that doesn’t require an awful lot of work. On the other hand, over the past year I’ve got very attached to friends here in Southampton and the DDRFUKkers too - and not being able to speak to them for three and a half months while I’m stuck in Weymouth isn’t going to be fun…