In other words: In nine hours’ time, I have an Oscillations and Waves exam. I’m still completely unsure of what we need to know for it. There’s tons of formulae and I could never hope to be able to remember them all. On the other hand they are all derivable from a fairly simple set of basic formulae, but doing so will take up lots of time in the exam.

Anyway, having spent most of today messing around with 2.6-series kernels rather than doing any work, and having spent this evening at the karaoke at the Union pub rather than doing any work as well, I’m not in a good position. I guess… I’m going to wake up a bit early tomorrow, and do half an hour’s worth of last-minute revision before I sit the exam. With luck there’ll be lots of explanation-type questions rather than mathematical ones, but I wouldn’t bet on it - it’s pretty much maths all the way from this module.

Well… I guess there’s nothing I can do about it now. Just gotta try my best tomorrow morning.


34 hours until DDRFUK London meet

60 hours until LAC

8 days until I lose my internet access for three and a half months.