A Learning Experience

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First up: My computer finally has a GUI again! Six days of console-based IRC clients and text-only web browsers have been quite annoying… But finally, not only do I have an OS that I’m pretty much happy with, I’ve learnt a hell of a lot about it in the process!

My Physics of the Solar System exam today went pretty well - lots of explanation questions with not a lot of formulae, so good for me! In the afternoon I went to see the new Harry Potter film, which is really rather good! And as usual, people have been telling me that I should read the books ^_^ One day I shall, when I have enough time to get through them all!

My final exam, Oscillations & Waves, is coming up on Friday. Although I’ve been to the least lectures for this compared to my other modules, I’m pretty confident - it all boils down to basic trigonometry really, with the addition of forced oscillations and Fourier series.