Yet another catching-up post for what’s been going on this weekend. Basically, it’s not a lot ^_^

On Saturday night I went to see the Reduced Shakespeare Company’s “All the Great Books - Abridged” which, as I was expecting, was brilliantly funny! Student price was only £6, and definitely worth the money!

Two new discoveries on Sunday night, due to the fact I was at my parents’ house where such wonders as “television” exist. First up, Kingdom Hospital. Rather dark, amusing in places, and really rather good! I definitely need to see more of this. And secondly, yet more radio comedies that I used to listen to are making television appearances! The Mighty Boosh (BBC3 only at the moment I think) is just as wonderfully silly as the original, but unfortunately Sunday night’s episode of 15 Storeys High was cancelled, so I didn’t get to see how the TV incarnation of that one turned out.

And now I’m back in Southampton. I think I’ve done all the revision I can usefully do for my Physics of the Solar System exam tomorrow morning, so right now I’m just sitting here being bored. For company I have my copy of The Science of Discword II (which I’ve read before), a screenful of things that presumably make sense to a compiler but none at all to me (been going for 5 hours so far, estimated three hours to go) and an IRC channel full of people discussing how bored we all are. Boredom must be infectious, huh? ^_^;