My second exam, Energy and Matter, went astonishingly well considering I didn’t do as much revision as I think I should have done… I think Rhiannon was pretty worried about that one - but since I’m such an idiot, I forgot to wait around afterwards to find out how it went… I hope you did well!

After the exam, I hung around and chatted to people at Gamesoc, then went back to Eric’s and watched a film.

After that… went home, and continued with reinstalling stuff on my computer. Unfortunately I forgot that I could have been using IRC at the same time, so I was stuck watching scrolling code for five hours, before I finally went to bed. However, for some unexplained reason, I felt really good and really happy all evening.


Went up to Uni soon after I woke up to pick up my lab notebook from Pascalius, who’d been borrowing it. I need it to write my essay, which - scarily, now - has to be in for tomorrow! But rather than going straight home to write, Pascalius and I wandered around town instead. Whilst in Forbidden Planet, I saw a manga I’d never even heard of before - but now own ^_^ It’s called “Tsubasa”, and it seems to be an odd alternate reality to the main storyline of Cardcaptor Sakura, so it should be good! (After all, CLAMP can do no wrong =p)

FInally my computer is up and working again. The process was long and pretty tough, but I really did feel like I was learning something while doing it. And I love the way I can now type “emerge mozilla-firefox” and it’ll automatically go off and download, compile and install Firefox with all its dependancies too.

Only problem is… I still have to do that essay sometime soon… I guess I should get started really.