It… kinda’ hit me today. I think I’m lonely here. Sure, we have fun sometimes, my flatmates and I, but maybe the most fun I have in the evenings is sitting in front of this terminal, chatting on IRC, drinking a beer and eating chocolate… I dunno, does that make me a geek, or a loner, or what? But whatever it does, I’m not sure it matters to me…

Hmm… I wonder if helping people out with their problems recently has started to rub off and make me a bit less happy than usual. Certainly I’ve been really quiet lately, and not really said much, and seemed kinda’ indifferent to LAC and the Stepmania machine today, which normally would have been awesome… The solution might be an injection of Pita Ten stratight into the bloodstream, I’m working on it ^_^ (Or I got volume 1 of the manga today anyway…)

Yeah, the Stepmania machine is pretty fun… huge coin queue all the time we were there, but I got to play some of Ant and Adam’s originals on a real machine, so t3h pwn. Hopefully not long before my original “We Will Always Be” makes it on there!

And, super fun time, I’ve got two hours of lectures tomorrow on my new module “Physics of the Solar System”. Unfortunately, I suspect it’ll be very boring… but at least it doesn’t have Friday afternoon labs, so win for me later on in the week!