Apologies for being temporarily or mostly offline during the last few days. For what must now be approaching the tenth time, I’ve decided to give Linux a go. Since I wasn’t in a game-playing mood at all, I decided it might be good to switch for a while. Getting my MP3s playing is still a challenge, and I’m still running in 1024x768 because the relevant people haven’t released the drivers yet. They said it’d be yesterday, but guess what - it wasn’t.

Ho hum… anyway, I guess I like a challenge occasionally ^^ Anyway, in other news, I finally got around to making that cake yesterday, which is good. I’m going to LAC tomorrow - good fun but not good for bank balance, since I’m already over £500 under. And today I’ve really gotta go shopping since I put it off for too long, and guess what…? It’s raining ^^;