Memory and Syllabary

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Not much to report at the moment, I’m at my parents house and relegated to using their 56k pay-per-minute dialup for less than an hour every few days.

Now for the odd bit. A memory resurfaced the other day of my first year at primary school, when we were being taught about syllables. We had to organise ourselves into groups depending on how many syllables our name had, and I couldn’t quite grasp how my name had fewer letters than anyone else’s but still had two syllables, whereas some people had longer names of just one syllable.

This inspired me to challenge you lot - what’s the longest word you can think of that has just one syllable? Plurals aren’t allowed. So far you have a target of 8 letters (“strength”) to beat. Anyone know of a 9-letter one?

Enjoy the challenge! (If you’re sufficiently interested, or just bored =p)