Random Brain Spam

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No real patience for a proper entry, so I’m afraid I’m just going to spam stuff about the last week.

Bournemouth meet was fantastic and awesome and stuff. Great to see everyone again! We danced to Scorpion Fire, go us. Unfortunately I had flu-like things so didn’t enjoy it as much as I could have. The headache I had back then hasn’t gone yet, it’s been a week. I’m learning to just ignore it now.

Finished watching 2x2=Shinobuden. WTFLOLBBQ.

Watched the end of AIR. Cried lots.

Watched Tsubasa ep. 1. Looks like it’ll be awesome.

Watched The Ultimate Ninja. Probably the worst (and therefore best) of the Bad Ninja Movies we’ve seen so far. Ninja Dragon torrenting fun as soon as I have enough hard disk space to rip it.

On a similar note, my hard disk is making really unhealthy noises all the time now. I can’t afford to replace it, so I just hope it lasts for another month when I might get some money for my birthday.

Big reason for lack of money:


This summer will rock.

Tomorrow I’m going to do coursework and drink coffee. Right now I feel like even that might rock. I guess, despite the constant headache, I’m feeling really happy right now. Feels like summer.