Midsummer Night's Dream

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So, there was this Pagan convention thing in the middle of the lake district, then there was this treasure hunt thing where we had to run around collecting something-or-other except that I lost because I spent too much time eating cake, then prizes were given out to people and the prize-giving lady talked about faerie magic for a bit.

Then there was a guy who was staying in a house that was snow-bound so he couldn’t get back to it, so we invited him to stay in our chalet. We ran around trying to sort out who was sleeping where in the chalet which was laid out exactly like my parents’ house. Eric and I were there, as were Mark and Donna and this other guy who I think was called Chris and looked a lot like the guy called Chris that I did Kung Fu with years ago.

In the morning Chris couldn’t get the toaster to work because he hadn’t switched it to the other power supply, so I fixed it and then…

…Eric called in real life, and woke me up.