So, here I am back in Bournemouth after all this time. No more living in Southampton for me, perhaps forever…

So, what’s going on? Answer: Lots, but not in any places I can get to.

Since most of my Bournemouth friends are going to Spain today and all my Southampton friends are spread out around the country, there’s nothing close by for me to do. Plenty going on in other places, of course, but I’m now so far over my overdraft limit that cash machines won’t let me take money out anymore.

So, I’m stuck here. Even my parents’ new-found ADSL isn’t helping much - they switch it off every night to stop the router getting too hot, and will only let me connect with some crummy USB WiFi adapter that I can’t make connect in Linux for love nor money. Grr. I also don’t have the router password, and the ISP “limits” P2P traffic - but doesn’t give any actual details =S