More Catching Up

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Yet again, over a week with no blog posting. I’m not sure why, I just don’t really feel the desire to write here so often anymore. Probably just a phase I’m going through though… =S

So, what’s been going on?

I never did do a big post about Conception. I can’t really be bothered now. Suffice to say it was awesome. Also Red Bull, the Buffy Musical and Tenacious D will forever remind me of it. Also, fear.

Lectures are underway, and aside from the fact I’ve missed a couple already and that they just don’t sink in after only four hours’ sleep, they’re going well. They don’t seem that hard this semester, which hopefully is a good sign. Although it might be a very bad one.

Most Auspicious RoboFish Project is running miles behind schedule now. I have to do a presentation and submit a paper on it by the beginning of March, which to be honest isn’t scaring me. But sometime soon I have to actually do something on this project rather than just talk and write about it. I may have to switch to “motivated mode” (not to be confused with Neko Mimi Mode </obscure>) as soon as AndyFest is over.

Oh, yes, the wondrous Andy is visiting. Much fun is being had, along with much alcamahol and much good food. Unfortunately I’m feeling guilty about most of that, as I’m drinking plenty of his and Mark’s port and sherry while not being able to afford any of my own.

I have £400 to live on until June. This is not good. Fantastic Savings Account Raiding Prana!

Eric visited for Valentine’s Day yesterday. Squee! I made chocolate truffles ^__^ (Mmm, chocolate truffles).

Today: attempting to survive more lectures through the power of caffeine, attempting to survive GameSoc through the power of caffeine, attending the Drool & Wooster (binging of Sharpe and Jeeves & Wooster) tonight through the power of the wondrous Rhiannon, Rhiannon’s wondrous living room, and wondrous caffeine.

Thursday, museum visits of some kind I think. Friday, cooking the uber-meal. (Roasted Nietzsche.) Saturday, Dungeoneering. Sunday, the end of AndyFest. Monday… I have to see my project tutor.

Right. Off to lectures via the coffee machine.

Oh, more Changeling fun. I now have four players, which is enough for me to run. Domina, do you still want in on this? If so, see the link on my blog post last week. Otherwise, we’re good to go once I finish putting all the info up for people to read!

One last thing - if I hadn’t mentioned before, my birthday thingummy is now set for Bank Holiday Monday, the 1st of May. Open invite, costume thoroughly appreciated, there will be barbecues and firestaffing and anything else anyone happens to want to do.

Now I really do have to go. Bye~!