Multiple Ranting I'm Afraid

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My apologies for this, feel free not to read it.

First off, what is it with me these days? Am I just losing hold of reality or something? Physically, I end up tripping over anything and everything in sight, and tonight I even managed to screw up sitting down on a sofa. And mentally, I now seem incapable of picking up other peoples’ feelings, even noticing whether they’re in the room or not, and either I forget things really easily or people never bother to tell me very much anymore… Then again, seems people forget most of what I tell them, too.

Next up, would something entirely happy happen sometime soon, please? Pretty much everything I do with other people, I enjoy - right up until someone points out some bad side to it afterwards and spoils the whole thing. =S

Also, a bit of advice would be appreciated from anyone willing. What on earth is an appropriate thing to do about two friends who suddenly can’t seem to stand being near each other anymore? This kind of division between friends of mine has happened before, and each time it’s gone on so long that I’ve grown to dislike one of them enough that it feels okay to remove them from my life. It’s happening again, now… Do I really have to resort to that way out again?