Morning from the Other Side

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This is the first time in a long time that I’ve seen morning from the just-got-up rather than the not-gone-to-bed-yet side. It’s a strangely wonderful feeling, as though I actually had forgotten what the sights, sounds and smells of morning are. I guess, though, over the next week, I’ll have a lot of practice at seeing this part of the day.

There are now four days left until my first exam, and I haven’t really started revising yet. It’s going to take all day every day until then to put enough work in to get by. Although I feel a bit guilty about it - leaving a guest of mine at home whilst I spend all day at Uni - it’s what I’ve got to do. Because I’m damn well not failing these exams.

Still, seven days until it’s all over. After that there’s a few days with nothing to do besides make costume and play games and have fun, then there’s Conception, then a new term beginning once more, then… Then it’ll be Spring.

Freedom, and life itself, await. Just seven days of work, then at least a little freedom…