Something Like an Update

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It’s been a while since I’ve posted here - looks like exams and other concerns really have stolen all my free time. So, here’s what’s going on at the moment.

A Weekend Apart and Together

Last weekend Eric came to visit for her birthday. All well and good, and we had much fun, although I disappeared up to Uni almost every day to revise. I really can’t revise very well at home no matter how much I try, so my only real option is to run away for a while…

Exams so Far

Atomic Physics wasn’t too bad, I’m hoping for a 2:1 at least. Crystalline Solids, despite having been to Garyoke the previous night, went almost as well - I’m hoping for the same result there.

And Tomorrow

Tomorrow I wake up at 7.30am for my final exam - Light and Matter. Here goes nothing, and I really mean nothing. The course is actually to the point of ridiculous. There’s no way I can keep everything that’s in the lecture notes in my head - I can barely read them, there’s about 120 pages and there’s barely a page with less than half a dozen equations on it. This exam will be… hard. Last year’s average was, I hear, below the pass mark of 40%. The other day we were even talking of boycotting the exam, although that’s probably unlikely to happen.

And After

Still, in 12 hours’ time I’ll be free. Free to relax, have fun, visit Eric, go shopping, and put together my costume for one of the LARPs at Conception. The con is something like my reward for finishing this semester, and so very much am I looking forward to it.

Then, the day after it finishes, it’s back to lectures once more. For the… final… time…

How very strange that feels…

Forward Planning

A week later there’s “AndyCon 2006”, aka Andy is visiting. Then there’s Valentine’s Day, then a few weeks later it’s MinamiCon, then a few more and it’s the holidays, a few more and it’s the year’s first Maelstrom, and a few more and it’s my birthday.

Ah yes, my birthday. There are plans afoot, great plans. There will be a great My Birthday / May Day / Beltane / other holiday of your choice celebration! The Monday bank holiday is on the 1st of May this year, and much fun will be had! There’ll be a barbecue on the common, fun and games and messing around with firestaves and everyone’s asked to come in

costume. Doesn’t matter what, just dress up as something or someone! And everyone’s invited. The bigger the party, the better! Just bring food if you want some, drinks if you want some, and your sense of fun!

Thank you, Disgaea

“Fear my mighty Horse Wiener! Fear it!!”

“Wow, a Horse Wiener. That must be the next level up from big floppy donkey-dick.”

“Now I’ll whip out Sachertorte and blow it up.”

“I have this vision of a Dogtato-kun / Hellblazer crossover now. That’s bad and wrong. The fic must be written!”

Link Pimping

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