On the NATO Protests

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So apparently, a lot of people are gathering in Chicago right now to protest at the NATO Summit taking place there this week.

NATO Summit Protests

NATO Summit Protests (photo from Time Out Chicago)

I need to get myself a plane ticket to Chicago, because I have problems with NATO.  Big, big problems.  And I won’t stop until my voice is heard on this matter of vital importance to the future of the world:

"We demand a complete PNG icon set of MIL-STD 2525C symbols!"

Yeah. Listen up, America. No longer will we be enslaved by the yoke of oppression! No longer will I tolerate making PNG symbols in Photoshop using your PDF document as a reference!

In related news, the temptation to include this as an Easter Egg in the next version of my software is pretty strong:

MIL-STD 2525 Symbol: 99 Red Balloons

Jokes requiring knowledge of NATO warfighting symbology and 1980s German pop music?  Oh yes, we’re an equal opportunities blog. Absolutely nobody has the opportunity to find it funny.


Abigail Brady 21 May 2012

I get it enough to find it funny, even if I don't quite understand the details of the symbol.

Do it!

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