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This is part of my blog, which I have long since stopped maintaining. The page has been preserved in case its content is of any interest. Please go back to the homepage to see the current contents of this site.

  • Ian and Eric's Incredible Beach Adventure!

    Spring is in the air, flowers are blooming; what better time than to begin organising a party in four months’ time? Here goes…

    You are cordially invited to... The most important (sand-related) party of the year... Ian and Eric's INCREDIBLE BEACH ADVENTURE!! To be an multiple-day extravaganza of all things good about the British seaside. Sun! Sea! Sand! Fireworks! Ice cream! Seagulls! Wasps! All against the wonderous backdrop of seven miles of tourists' ugly flesh beaches. Yes, you are invited to Bournemouth this summer! Location
    Chez Eric and I, wherever that may be (we move house in May - probably - but will doubtless not be moving far from the sea!) Dates
    Friday 27th to Sunday 29th July 2007 Invitees
    As many of you as can sleep o n our floor (which is maaaaany)! Bring with you...
    Swimming costume, towel(s), sun-cream, sunglasses, the desire for Shakeaway and barbecues Any Questions?
    Comment away...

  • Old Men and Pubs

    Now that dream was… depressing.

    I was an old man, going to the same pub with the same friends as I’d had for countless years. We talked about the past, all the memories we had and the ones we’d lost, and we talked about the future and retirement and what on earth there might be to fill our time.

    I wonder, in 30 or 40 years time, will that really be me? And what’s worse, will that situation have stopped scaring me; will I even enjoy it? Can I prevent it from happening? Should I prevent it from happening? And why, above all, does the prospect of growing old scare me?

  • Eclipse

    Wooo! Shiny shiny moon ^_^

    EDIT: South-facing balconies rock.

  • Woo yay

    I just failed a credit check, god knows how. No new PC, and no Supreme Commander, for me =S

  • A Lovely Image

    Good morning! Here’s a happy image to stay with you for the rest of the day.

    Mr Fantastic + Viagra = ?


  • Attention all Fairies!

    Yes, this means you - Mark, Andy, Eric, Little Andy, Racheet, Domina, Gemma and Mike!

    Changeling: In Love and War will be making a return! So, here’s what I ask you guys to do, please!

    All of you - Vote on whether to keep the game on RPoL or run it on a Wiki instead. There are advantages and disadvantages to each as I’m sure you all realise, but I’d like to do whatever the majority of the players are in favour of. So, vote now!

    masterofwalri, spin_guy and eric_the_girl - Sorry for the inevitable many-month downtime whilst I was without internets

    ! Rest assured, the game has not died!

    azimov_webb and eldritchreality - You guys haven’t posted in a time of length comparable to that of longcat’s physical size! Whether you’d like to stay in the game or whether you’d like to be NPCed, please let me know!

    elegy_of_flames - time to get putting that opening post together, if you still want to do it - or if you want me to get your thread started for you, let me know!

    amateras and tikakino - We need to do the funky chargen thing at some point, so I’ll try and pounce upon you next time you venture onto the wonderful world of the internets.

    Thank you!

    (And I’m very, very sorry for the temporary game death…)

  • A New Challenger Comes!

    So, LiveJournal, you previously decided that Foxglove was the gayest-looking photo of me on the series of tubes.

    Now, not one but two new challengers have appeared!

    Vote now!

  • Duuuude.

    I just had a dream in which I was Liu Bei from Romance of the Three Kingdoms, and was taking down jade war-striders using giant spear-lasers.

    I think I need to play Exalted again.

  • Housewarming

    Attention Soton Kiddies et al!

    Eric and I will be holding a housewarming party - yes, that housewarming party - this weekend!


    Flat 30, The Chantry

    18 Madeira Road


    BH1 1QS

    (Google Map)

    (For Google Earthers, people with Sat Navs and employees of Garmin: 50.723199 deg N, 1.871881 deg W.)

    Time & Date:

    Saturday 25th November 2006



    If you can see this, you.


    her stuff:</u>

    There’ll be crash space for a few people, maybe half a dozen or so or more if you’re very friendly. Bring sleeping bags. Bring alcamahol. Bring Weapons of Mass Destruction (if available).

    Any questions?

  • Moving House

    It’s finally reached that time. Despite the furniture in the car and the eight boxes of books in the garage, not to mention the three bin liners full of stuff for charities or throwing away, my room’s still so full I can’t get to the bed. God knows how I’m going to fit all of this into the flat, anyway.

    But that’s what I will be doing, a mere 12 hours from now. The contract signed, the first month’s rent paid… The flat is ours. Tomorrow, we move in.

    I’m not sure how I feel about it. Excited, maybe. Nervous, certainly. Stressed, maybe a bit. I’ll be glad once this is all sorted out, and we have a home to ourselves.