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  • F4

    So, surfers can be separated from their boards by tachyon beams, eh? Man, the beach is gonna be fun this summer.

  • RABIES 3

    Southampton Students / Alumni

    With apologies to those who I know can’t make it, the date of RABIES 3 has been set (to minimise non-attendance) as:

    Saturday 16th June 2007

    Link to organisation thread

  • Tonight's Dinner

    Tonight’s dinner:

    Pan-fried venison with a port wine and mushroom sauce, new potatoes, breaded garlic mushrooms and peas.


    However, being as it was farmed rather than wild, the meat was a bit ‘meh’, rather than the gamier taste of wild venison. What worries me is that, from this sentence, I appear to have become a venison connoisseur. I’m sure 22-year-old almost-students aren’t supposed to do that… =S

  • Local Elections

    Tomorrow, I will be voting for this man. I am trying hard to pretend that his facial hair has not influenced my vote.

    I am also tempted to vote for the woman who does not exist.

  • Seasonal Affectiveness

    Spring has come around once more, and almost by surprise has filled me with the same emotions that it always has. Sitting around in a t-shirt and shorts; walking home in the evening as the sun sinks low over the horizon, surrounded by a myriad of flowers; smiling and having fun. Worldly worries just seem so much less worth worrying about now that Spring is here and the long hot days of Summer are on their way.

    It feels a little strange not being at University, though. Once, mid-April would have been a time of manic preparation, a sense of things approaching a critical time. Now, though… Now there’s nothing like that coming. We’re just going to head on into summer, with nothing much changing. It’ll be strange, that I’m sure of, but I don’t think it’ll be bad. The really odd thing is going to be Summer passing away into Autumn with nothing changing.

    I wonder if that’s how life is going to be?

    Still, there’s little sense worrying about that now. For now, there’s five months of sunshine and happiness ahead!

  • Post-LRP

    Yay! Another great Maelstrom event. And now, another day of weirdness and finding it strange talking to people that are not part of the strange shared hallucination.

    Also, I am really never going to get used to being called “Father Tsuki”.

  • Attention all Changeling Players!

    Changeling Players!

    At long last, the party is about to begin! The game is not dead, long live the game! Hurrah! Etcetera! Sorry for taking so long!

    Thread’s here!

  • Hamster Dance



  • Spoils of Minamicon

    Now, I will break your ears.


  • Minamicon

    Another year, another three days of anime faggotry alcoholism. And now, despite being thoroughly knackered, I have to go to work and pretend to be conscious.

    Also, with estate agents coming on Wednesday morning, we now have two days to make the flat presentable - a feat I have not so far achieved on any of my days off. Eric has the entire week off, which means… I’ll probably end up doing all the cleaning myself in the evenings anyway.