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This is part of my blog, which I have long since stopped maintaining. The page has been preserved in case its content is of any interest. Please go back to the homepage to see the current contents of this site.

  • Bournemouth Meet Re-Announcement

    The Bournemouth Meet is only two days away! This is my final warning to anyone who wants to come and hasn’t signed up yet!

    The organisation thread is here. It’s been updated with maps for those who haven’t come here before.

    If you’re not yet signed up and want to, please post in that thread.

    And finally, the forecast is icky, but if we get rid of all the neo-pagans we stand a chance. Get burninating!

  • ZOMG

    They’re playing the Dragon Half ending on the Proms right now! </Cultural_heathen>

  • Hurrah for Dreams

    There were lots of us - over a dozen, at least - walking in the woods, when we chanced across a clearing where a lady was brushing leaves away in a big circle.  She told us not to step in the circle, so we didn’t, but we waited to see what she was doing.  It looked like she was clearing up after something, and when she’d finished she came to talk to us.  Eric and I told her about being expectant parents, and she gave us some kind of blessing, then we chatted some more and all went home together.

    Home was a massive place with a conservatory-like room maybe three times the size of our current flat.  Everyone was milling around, chatting and eating, and people at one end of the room started talking about magic.  More and more people drifted towards that conversation.  Then we all spread out around the room, and the lady who had been sweeping leaves smiled, and then there were lots of faeries in the room, singing and dancing, so we joined in!

    Also, there were a number of magpies significantly greater than seven.

  • The Bug Folder

    More happy news from the exciting land of joy that is software engineering!

    Today, on our project, we finally implemented a bug-tracking system!  Yay!  Only 1 year 3 months late.  However, of course, it couldn’t be Bugzilla or any of its cohort - after all, only two people on the project have actually got the hang of Subversion; Bugzilla might just be over the limit.

    No, we have the Bug Folder.  Not, of course, an electronic folder, but a real one with paper inside.  Many printouts, in fact, of the “Software Problem Report Form”.  (Presumably the word “bug” is too common, or just doesn’t produce such a good abbreviation.)  So, today I generated 5 SPR Forms.  They are wonders to behold:
    <ul><li>They have nowhere to actually assign the bug to someone.  So, they just sit in the pile until programmers rifle through them and catch sight of something that they recognise.</li><li>They also have nowhere to mark the bug as fixed.  There’s a

    signoff at the bottom - for a manager to sign to say that the bug actually exists.</li><li>And, being as they’re made of paper, they have to stay in the folder at all times to make sure they don’t get lost.  So only one person can look through them at once.</li></ul>Work is fun.

  • Bournemouth Meet Organisation Thread

    Attention Soton Kiddies
    and those generally close to Bournemouth!

    This is the Ultimate
    Bournemouth Meet Organisation Thread
    of Ultimate Destiny!
    Not affiliated with any orgies, destinial or otherwise.

    Three days of sun, sea, sand, and suffering*, in the wondrous seaside destination that is rainy sunny Bournemouth!  There'll be poi and staff fun, barbecues on the beach, fireworks, food, booze, and other good things!

    * optional

    Eric's and my flat in Bournemouth.  This Google Map route should show you the way from the station, if you haven't been before, and this one should get you the last few hundred metres by car.

    The last weekend in July, that's Friday 27th to Sunday 29th.  Coming and going pretty much any time during those three days is fine!

    Car parking could be an issue - technically, cars can't stay parked in the visitors section for the *entirety* of Saturday.  I can redirect you to a nearby place to park for a while if you don't feel lucky.  Also, we should only really take up one visitor's space, so if you can work it out so that only one car turns up that'd be awesome.  We're only 15 minutes' walk from the station!

    Soton kiddies and anyone around the Bournemouth area.  Overnight arrangements are going to be the trickiest - our flat can sleep maybe 5 in some degree of comfort (if you find the floor comfortable) or up to 12 if you're really friendly and don't mind sleeping in the bedroom or hallway.  We have two sleeping bags and a duvet we can lend out, but after that you're on your own.

    Please reserve your luxury 6-foot by 3-foot floor space in the comments!

    Ian (All), Eric (All), Mark (Sat-Sun), Chantelle (Sat-Sun), Ali (Sat), Nick Irish (Sat), Rhiannon (Sat), Andy (Sat), Sam (Sat-Sun), Nick Hayes (Sat-Sun), Mikael (Sat-Sun), Gemma (Sat-Sun), Hugo (Sat-Sun), Donna (All), Racheet (All)

    Because I've been promising this for at least two years now.  As we finally have our own (rented) place here, it seems like a good time!

    Beach stuff for swimming / sunbathing / hiding from the sun in, sun cream, clothes, money for food/booze.  (Special considerations for the British seaside: Umbrella, waterproofs, longjohns, wetsuit, hazmat suit.)

    I have no idea how many people are going to want to come, compared to the number of people we can host.  So, to make sure I'm keeping tr ack of everyone, all the organisation is being done here.  Please pass the link on to any of the Sotongrad lot who don't check here regularly!

    If you want to come, please comment here!

    Also fire away with any questions you have.  Gogogogo!

  • Pregnancy and Pork

    Eric and I went swimming yesterday, and encountered another pregnant lady - cue half-hour impromptu womens’ meeting! I guess pregnancy is top of the list of “things that you can have in common with strangers that you can strike up conversations about”. Anyway, the end result of the meeting is that Eric now has detail for a antenatal fitness class, which might not be a bad idea.

    Today, I failed to make brownies and instead played Disgaea 2. I am irredemably lazy. Tonight, roast pork! It’s cooking away now, and the potatoes are taking ages. (I suspect this may be a curse of mine; every roast dinner I cook in any oven, the potatoes always take longer than I expect…)

  • A Week of Software Joy

    So, this week’s been fun. Tuesday and Wednesday were each 14-hour days of doomful preparation for customer visits, which didn’t go awesomely. And they’re back next week.

    I despair more and more about this project - on Wednesday I had to explain the concept of client-server architecture (and why we should have used it) to a programmer 20 years my senior. Also, I was required to explain what queues are and why multi-threaded code needs them.

    People are apparently getting worried that our software audit is going to go badly. I think we’ve got an advantage, though - unlike any other software project I’ve worked on in the place, we actually use source control for some of our code. (Of course, the monstrosity that forms the main code for the system isn’t in there, because that would be too much work.) And our bug reporting is done by a spreadsheet and a directory full of Word documents. This is progress; two days ago we were still using Post-It notes.

    Right, rant over. Time for a weekend of swimming and baking brownies!

    Also, I just changed OS again. Y’know, I could swear the ‘Server’ version of Ubuntu never let on pre-install that it would dump you at a console login with no GUI. And that it doesn’t consider xorg a dependency of gnome.

  • Headaches of Doom

    I´m off work today, since I´m now on my third day of headaches and rest-of-my-body aches as well. Paracetamol doesn’t seem to work very well, whilst Ibuprofen does, which is kind of odd. Still, since the latter did work, I’m now in that really odd-feeling position of being off work whilst not feeling all that ill.

    Still, hopefully it means that I’ll be well enough to go back to work tomorrow…

  • It's Been a While

    So, blog. As Claire reminded me, it’s been far too long since I’ve updated this. I’m going to try and stay up-to-date with it from now on, partly to rationalise my thoughts which are somewhat confused at the moment, and partly to see if writing LJ posts stimulates my brain to write actual stories.

    So, in summary, for those of you I haven’t spoken to in far too long:

    • I'm going to be a father. On August 29th, or so the reckoning goes. Having only found out about this six weeks ago, I'm only just about getting over the shock. It still feels very strange. However, what with both Eric and I being awesome and being together, we will hopefully manage. Current prospective names are Joseph and Alice, though they'll probably change a thousand times in the next two months.
    • The Bournemouth Extravaganza is still going ahead for the last weekend in July. With any luck it'll be actually sunny then. Today's been the first actually July-like day this month, so I'm hoping it stays that way! I figure our place can sleep maybe 5 visitors comfortably, or up to 12 if you're very friendly and don't mind sleeping in the bedroom and hallway. There'll be a big organisation post at some point.
    • Housing things are a bit odd at the moment. We're on a rolling contract in our flat, which means the landlord can give us two months' notice to move. I'm very fond of this place, and very averse to the stress of moving, what with all the other sources of stress at the moment. However, it'd be nice to have somewhere more permanent. People are poking me about shared ownership housing, but I have no idea whether I can actually afford that kind of thing or not, seeing as I'm losing money while paying my current £600/month rent. Furthermore, it'd be nice to have a garden and a car, though I can't see either happening anytime soon.
    • Work has me travelling to Weymouth every day now - a glorious four hours a day of commuting. If only I was employable, I'd seriously be considering getting a job in Bournemouth. If only I could go back to living five minutes' walk from work, that'd be awesome.

    Brain dump successful; more postage tomorrow!

  • Coordination Post #123470

    Attention Soton kiddies and associates!
    Taste Bath Planning Thread!

    Right, Taste Bath is in a week's time, so here goes.

    We're booked in to the 12.00 to 4.00 event on Saturday 30th June.

    I have 10 tickets, most of which I think have been paid for.  There are nine people I'm very sure are coming, and two I'm not sure of.  So, if you know which of the bracketed people below is actually coming (or any other changes) please comment:

    Ian, Eric, Andy, Rhiannon, Mark, Lara, Chantelle, Sam, Paul, (Emily), (Paul's Dad).

    It's held in Royal Victoria Park.  There's park-and-ride services for those going by car, and for anyone arriving by train one can catch the X39, 14 or 17 buses.

    So that I can give out tickets and things, and still let us get into the place on time, let's try to meet at 11.30 in front of whatever looks most like a main entrance.