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This is part of my blog, which I have long since stopped maintaining. The page has been preserved in case its content is of any interest. Please go back to the homepage to see the current contents of this site.

  • Comedown

    I’ve just come back from a weekend at home for my mum’s birthday… it was kinda’ boring there, but kinda’ good also… it’s good to be relaxed occasionally.

    Housing was discussed, and it looks like I might be back in the housing market again… Of course I still want to live in SOuthampton rather than Bournemouth, but the whole housing thing is beginning to annoy me hugely now… And tomorrow, I’ve got to go and beg James, John, Richard and the others to let me into their group, I guess, since they’re the only people I know still looking…

    Also, electronic things are hating me at the moment. One Palm, one phone and one MP3 player, all not currently working. Bleh.

    On the plus side, Dom has returned to #ddrfuk, and already the kicking has begun ^_^ It’s good that he’s finally back, though.

  • Dancing in the Snow

    And today, things are finally looking up! I got a lot more work done today than I’d normally do, and also it wooks like the Southampton Uni Anime Soc is finally getting underway, as we now have the required 25 members!

    Today’s also Vicky’s birthday, so we’ve been partying all evening so far! We’ve had a Chinese take-away, Matt made a birthday cake, and we’ve had cocktails… and in a minute we’re going out to Academy!

    Just to get the annoying stuff off my chest, I’m severely over-spending, I still haven’t got my mum a birthday present yet, and I’m going back to see her tomorrow afternoon for the weekend so I really need to hurry up, and I can’t stay out late tonight because I have a 9am lecture tomorrow, which I annoyingly can’t miss…

    But anyway, that’s way too much of the annoying stuff… tonight if for FUN!

  • Memories of Pancakes

    I’ve just been making them in the kitchen for my flatmates, we might be making them at Exalted tonight (but last I heard, we weren’t)…

    It can’t help but remind me of a year ago, and all the pancakes we made then at Nothe Parade… Now that was pancake gluttony! ^_^

  • An odd day so far...

    I woke up after having a fairly odd dream, but was wide awake from the moment I got up. Easily made it to the lecture on time. Then, I started to get irritated by everything, I don’t know why. Itchy seats, people whispering, the lecturer taking about five minutes expalining what convection was when we’ve blatantly know what it was for at least five years… that kinda’ thing.

    But on the way home, I kind of changed… I spent the journey listening to calm songs and J-Pop rather than the metal and techno that usually gets played, and the sunshine was really nice… Now I think I realise… once the summer comes again, everything will be okay, and happy again… I think. And for now, I have the urge to dance. Just… dance, until I physically can’t anymore. I don’t know why…

  • Falling Apart...

    From some recent LJ posts (Phi’s and Frieza’s especially), plus the stuff that’s been going on on the DDRFUK forums and IRC channel, I’m kinda’ worried… There seems to be a lot of bad stuff going on that I’m only scraping the surface of.

    I’m not sure which is more selfish, not wanting to burden myself with the knowledge of what’s going on, or wanting people to tell me about everything. But… even though I’ve only seen most of these people once or twice, or maybe even never, they still feel like friends to me, so… I want to know what’s going on…

  • Devoid of Purpose

    Overcast day
    Evening light fading away


    Not sure why, I just felt like doing a fake-Haiku really. I might do one for each entry… or… well, I dunno. Anyway… today’s been another day of nothingness. Woke up, used the internet, showeverd and had lunch, used the internet, am about to go and have dinner. Afterwards, I shall probably use the internet, and go to bed. It seems like there’s nothing else to do, and perhaps there isn’t. It’s… lonely. People go on- and off-line all the time, going about their lives… but I’m always here. Watching people come and go… forever…

    Is that all there is…? Sitting here, watching the light fade away…?

  • Best thing evar.

    I wish I lived in Japan, was female, and weighed less than 50kg…

    Edit: Note to people who are worried by this - I don’t really! ^_^;; Actually read the linked page before questioning my sanity here…

    Babelfished link: Open Sky Project

    For those who have trouble translating the Engrish… They’re building a jet-powered glider exactly like Nausicaa’s one in the anime and manga of that name.

  • Wasting Days

    I’m really tired, and I have been all day… there’s been nothing to do that I really want to do… The only bit of useful work I did all day was do some graphics for Adam’s latest stepfile, Love’s Rebirth by Third Project. It’s been an interesting job trying to find out where this song originally comes from, and I haven’t had a lot of success. The only references to it I can find on the ‘net are either about Rogue’s TM4 entry or a BMS file for it. I’d assumed from the BMS that it was originally from some flavour of Beatmania, but Fuse didn’t seem to think so, so… I dunno ^_^

    Also, I’m definitely turning into a loner, I think. I’ve stayed in my room virtually all day, only seen one of my flatmates once today, and I’m glad that no-one’s asked me if I wat to go out tonight…

  • Exam Results

    <table border=1 bordercolor=#000000 cellpadding=10><tr><td>School of Physics and Astronomy - Semester 1 Examination Results - February 2004

    RENTON I                    year: 1 programme: PHwMA                     tutor: dar

    Course Credit PointsMark
    PHYS1001Forces and Fields1576
    PHYS1003Relativity and Quanta1568
    MATH1006Introduction to Mathematical Methods1563

    Average Mark: 72.0

    Credit points passed: 60

    Well Done</td></tr></table>

    Woohoo! ^_^

    And in other news, I’m starting to spread the word about AnimeSoc… About six people are definitely interested so far, and I’ve been putting up a few posters today to get people’s attention… Hopefully we should get our 25 members soon!

  • Triumph and Disaster of the Laundry Crusade

    So, I try to cheat the system. It’s virtually impossible to do the laundry here without a two hour wait, even at times when most people have lectures. So, my solution? Go at a time when people not only don’t tend to go, but when others would think it’s a ludicrous time to do laundry. So, at 8:30 this morning, I go and do my laundry. Success! The laundry room’s empty, I manage to wash and dry in under an hour.

    And then the problem. It seems that at that time of the morning… they don’t have the gas for the dryers turned on. Yay for soaking wet washing, and for having three impromptu washing lines made of plaited string tying together every suitable handle in my room. ARSE.