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In contrast to two years ago, this year’s holiday was mercifully free of stifling nights and sweltering days. This year we stayed in a caravan by the sea in Cornwall, a much more relaxed (and cheaper!) affair. Since we live by the sea anyway, a seaside beach holiday wasn’t high on my list of priorities, and in truth grey skies and cold winds prevented any sunbathing opportunities. Instead we did proper grockle emmet stuff, touring some of the county’s attractions.

Lost Summer

Vienna’s wordy travelogue came courtesy of the many hot evenings where, sharing a single room with a child who was trying to sleep, we would sit silently and miserable on sticky varnished floors, trying to think of something to pass the time. Having more than one room this year was a godsend, and now I’m not sure I’d want to go back to single hotel rooms between the three of us.

The downside is, if you were expecting an interesting post to read, all I have for you are photos!

What I Did On My Holidays, by Ian Renton, age 32¼

We explored Par beach at night, and came back covered in mud…

Par Sands at night

We visited the Eden Project, sweating through the rainforest and eating typical Cornish burritos…

Lily at the Eden Project

We resisted the urge to buy car insurance at Newquay Zoo—though given how often Google Maps had me driving down narrow muddy lanes and through fords, it might not have been a bad idea…

Meerkats at Newquay Zoo

We climbed approximately a million steps to the top of what once was Tintagel castle, drank mead and tried to learn Cornish…

View from Tintagel

We ate pasties in Marazion, walked to St Michael’s Mount and got the ferry back…

St Michael's Mount

We missed a boat, ate tapas and drank Estrella de Galicia in Fowey, then explored the Lost Gardens of Heligan…

Giant's Head at Heligan

And then, all too soon, it was over.

Until next year!

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