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Sometimes I almost get to the point of resenting my blog’s existence, and today is one of those days. It’s going to be impossible for me to describe everything that’s happened in the past few days well enough to do the tirade of emotions justice. What’s more, LiveJournal has a “mood” box for each entry which is not by any means long enough to cover the intended content - which would be, in something approximating chronological order:

Stressed, relieved, happy, joyful, tired, surprised, accomplished, busy, awake, amused, nervous, creative, working, distressed, rushed, stunned, joyful, grateful, ecstatic, exhausted, thirsty, blissful, stupid, terrible, devoted, depressed, tired, happy, wonderful, drained, thankful, disappointed, exhausted, stable, content, thoughtful, sad, busy, full, happy, apologetic, complicated, busy, bored, tired, guilty, apologetic, depressed, tearful, philosophical, distressed, confused, drained, numb, weird, indescribable.

That about sums it up, I think.

I guess my wound-up emotions about a certain issue are triggering all sorts of overblown emotional responses to what would normally be meaningless things. Still, issues will be sorted soon, if they can be sorted. And I will continue trying to make sense of the windswept mess of thought and emotion inside my mind…

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