Today, I am full of thoughts and chemicals. I drink more coffee than is probably good for me, I know that much, but today caffeine and stuffiness and humidity and people and work and, well, everything, just seemed to crush me under their weight. I had to stop work and go for a walk earlier on. I feel a bit ashamed that I can’t keep up working even for just one eight-hour day without getting fed up, but then I guess the Health and Safety people would tell me that I should be taking breaks like that anyway.

Still, having 12 solid hours of my day set aside for work (and getting there and back) is really starting to get to me now, six and a half weeks in. I can’t wait to get back to Southampton, the twenty minute walk to Uni every day will feel like heaven by comparison.

I dread finishing Uni, though - I’d like to keep working for the company I currently work for, but none of their sites are in places where I’d want to live, and I couldn’t stand four hours of travelling a day if it was indefinite, if there wasn’t a time in four and a half weeks when I knew it would stop.