The number of my friends who have had work published grows once again, and I’m getting left behind! Looks like I need to excavate some talent from wherever deep in my mind such a thing might hopefully lurk.

On the subject of hope, I’m afraid my latest short-story-fragment-thing features rather a lack of it. It’s set in New Orleans. This afternoon. So, er, yeah. Not the nicest of subject material, but still… It begged me to write it, so I did. I’ll reiterate what’s in the author’s notes on the page itself: This is fiction. I am not in New Orleans, I have never been there, and I don’t know anybody there. All I know is what’s appeared in the news and on blogs, and I’ve extrapolated bits of that in various ways to make a story.

It’s only on its second draft, so it’s far from perfect. All comments appreciated!

Katrina’s Legacy