Sunshine and Biology

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There are clouds inland, but not here. This close to the coast, in the summer, they just seem to pass us by. And so, day after day the sun bakes the ground, and the wind is warm enough to be barely an interlude. Work isn’t too hard at the moment, despite having taken on responsibility for half the project’s software. (Now everything’s version controlled and such, it’s not too difficult!) Thus, I have the time to spend my lunch sitting on the wall of the harbour, listening to the screeching gulls, the screeching tourists, and the water lapping against the rocks below.

The concept of fatherhood has got a lot less scary recently. I don’t think, really, I’m scared at all anymore. It’s a big life-changing thing, of course, but more than that it’s an adventure. And unless life kept on changing, I guess I’d get bored. So that’s all okay, the theory is fine. It’s the practicality that’s worrying me at the moment. The time is very close; less than a week now. But knowing when, that’s difficult. There doesn’t seem to be any advice on which symptoms imply whic

h degrees of imminence. There’s a lot of weird biology going on, I keep being told all the symptoms she has, but all it does is make me fret about it more.

Eric’s sister and her boyfriend are coming to Bournemouth and staying with us, apparently for the next week. Thus it looks like I’ll have another source of stress! Hurrah!

Now, tea and trying to relax. They’ll be here in about half an hour, and I’ve only just got home…

Also, Bella Italia do Crispy Duck pizza, with Hoi Sin sauce and spring onions and… cheese. It’s absolutely bloody heretical! I want some now.