In my dream I was myself, mostly, although there was undeniably the nature of Oisin mac Cumhaill about me. I was so besotted with the ladies of one family that every generation I would return for a night, from fairyland to the human world, in order to spend a night with the youngest lady of the family.

One such night, I rode up to the house where the youngest still lived with her mother. Upon seeing her I immediately fell in love, but after having been invited into the house and spending some time with her, I somehow upset her enough that she went crying to her mother.

I stood in the corridor, not knowing what to do, until the yonug lady’s grandparents - who also lived there - appeared. They gave me a knowing look, and that was enough to convince me to push open the door to the mother’s room.

Inside I found the young lady whom I had upset, who was Eric, and her mother, who was also Eric but about fifty years of age, sitting together on the bed.

I was stunned to see the older Eric, with whom I had fallen in love on my previous return to the world, and I think she was equally so to see me. Seeing the two women with whom I was in love together, I knew I could not comfort one at the expense of the other - they were both equally dear to me. So I held them both tightly to me until their tears and mine both dried.

So long did I hold them that the sun rose high over the hills. The women had both fallen asleep, leaving me standing over them. I cried again, then, knowing I would not see them again.

Then the sun caught on the windows of the room, flooding the room with light, and I was no more.