Today's Super DDRFUK Adventure

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Today, both of my housemates and I ended up going to London, all for different reasons. This is my story…

The day began too early for comfort, but it seemed I wasn’t the first one up. Thanks to yesterday’s non-sleeping escapades, Racheet woke up at stupid o’clock this morning - and made enough breakfast for two people. I’m eternally grateful - not only did I not have to make my own breakfast, the time saved was probably the only thing allowing me to get the bus to the station on time.

The train (and, thanks to some lovely engineering works, bus) journey to London was pretty uneventful, but things started getting fun once we got to LV and we met up with others - Lime, ER and Jo to start with, then Ant, Neo and Stel later.

After a while of looking silly on dance machines (and encountering “Team Crystal Skyline”, livng proof that there are still people around who think elitist DDR teams are a good idea) we headed out to Camden market.

And, er, wow! It’s huge, and full of so much cool stuff! It seems just about every nationality, culture and sub-culture is catered for, as well as every taste in food and fashion. I managed to resist temptation, though, and I didn’t actually buy anything except for £5 worth of flavoured fudge, which I ate in about two minutes. One day, though, I’ll go back with lots of money and buy tons of stuff!

After heading back to LV to meet Adam and Tasha, we went on to a Wetherspoons’ to get food and drinks. Starting drinking at 5pm feels quite weird ^_^; Anyway, much fun was had by all - I think - tonight, although spending 3 hours trying to ensure that a drunken friend coped with the trip home to Bournemouth was a bbit of an odd end to the evening.

I really wish I could have stayed over and been in London tomorrow as well, but I have a lot to do at home. The curse of an ever-busy diary - I missed out on no less than three other things that I could have been doing today in order to go to London. I also spent over £50, which is probably not a good thing. But then, it’s not as if London meets happen very often, so I can afford to splash out!