This site contains various short stories and other things written by Ian Renton, grouped here by their approximate setting or genre.

"Dreaming Awake"

"Dreaming Awake" is the setting for a number of my short stories. You can find out more about it on the Dreaming Awake page.


"Bournemouth Below" etc.

Background / Fluff for RPG Characters

Modern Fantasy

Sci-Fi & Near Future


Miscellaneous Alcohol-induced Atrocities

Advance warning: You will regret reading these.

Unfinished / Abandoned

Below are some links to stories that I have largely given up on, and decided to post online in their current state.


Mostly to keep my head in order, I have a list of Characters from all my fiction which you are welcome to browse. Some have descriptions and short introduction stories, but it's all a bit disorganised.