Brief Summary

Tsuki's adoptive mother, and once wife to Joleth.

Lorena's Past

Lorena grew up in Arcadia, a place she has rarely left. As a child, work appealed little to her, and she has never found herself a proper job.
Whilst she used to laze around, her abruptly and tragically ended marriage to Joleth changed her completely. In public she is almost emotionless, although when alone her emotions tend to flood back. She is now a hard worker, growing vegetables in her garden and working in the inn (the Golden Thistle) on busy days.

Tsuki was given to her to adopt when he arrived at the village under circumstances that even Lorena does not fully know, probably out of pity that she had never had a child of her own.
She has tried to provide for Tsuki as well as she can, but it is clear that her own problems have never left her, and she is probably in fact more in need of looking after than her adopted son.

Lorena is now in her mid-forties, and generally looks pale and withdrawn.

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