Maiñe's First Day

Hi! My name's Maiñe, I'm seven years old and from Tolenn. Today's my first day of being a real fisherman, just like my dad was. Because my mum and dad aren't here anymore I have to grow up strong and be a good fisherman so I'm starting to learn today! The priestess taught me to write which is very useful because it means I can write about what fishing is like.

The boat is being pushed into the water now by all the fishermen. They say I am not strong enough to push too but they say that if I work hard I will be strong very soon. I hope that is true.

It is an hour later and we are out at sea. The sky is nice and sunny. There is no land here and the water is very deep not like it is at the beach. I have been helping to throw nets in the water, it is fun but hard work. The net is mostly full of holes but it is still very heavy!

Now we are waiting for the fish to come. There is lots of waiting when you are fishing. The other fishermen are teaching me a game of rolling dice in a box which is fun while we are waiting. They are sliding coins around and drinking orange stuff, they say I can roll the dice but I can't slide the coins or drink the orange stuff until I am a proper fisherman which will be very soon.

It has taken a long time and the sun is really hot now and it's time to bring in the nets. It is hard work even with me and all the fishermen but eventually the whole boat is covered with fish and the net is all in. We are happy because the catch was good, we have enough for the whole village to eat and plenty to sell to the man from Paladina who buys our fish.

Now we are back at the shore and the fishermen's wives are cooking the fish. We are allowed to relax because we have worked hard, so I am going to play on the beach with my friends and then we will eat fish. Raien pats me on the head and says I will be strong and a fisherman very soon now.

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