The List of Horror

Please let me never be drunk enough to write any of these.

  • The great In the Night Garden / Cthulhu thing.  There’s essays in that, let alone stories
  • @aefaradien’s request for a sequel to the Post-Apocalyptic Waybuloo thing
  • Balamory / League of Gentlemen horror thing
  • Alphablocks with more ultraviolence
  • More militarization of drawing-comes-to-life magic (Get Squiggling, Louie)
  • Zingzillas: The Doom Metal Episode
  • Octonauts / A-Team crossover
  • Big Cook Little Cook slashfic (with obligatory bukkake)
  • Mama Mirabelle’s Home Movies (where she gets shot by poachers mid-episode)
  • Numberjacks, where the Number-Taker is a Dickensian child-catcher figure
  • Something Special / Gigglebiz clonecest
  • Step Inside. It’s just fucking terrifying as it is. THE FUCKING HOUSE HAS A FUCKING FACE
  • Zingzillas / Planet of the Apes
  • 64 Zoo Lane where they all behave like real animals and the bear just gores her to death in the first paragraph
  • Dora the Explorer / Kill Bill
  • Mythbusters / Sonic the Hedgehod Walrus, eggman, etc

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