Arthur and the Invisibles


In an attempt to save his HOUSE from being destroyed by EVIL BUILDERS, ARTHUR turns himself into a TROLL (the pencil-top kind) and goes to live in ALBION (the Fable kind).  Somehow, choreographed SWORD-FIGHTING to  the Bee Gees’ STAYIN’ ALIVE on top of a GIANT TURNTABLE is involved.

Then they go off to defeat the EVIL M, who is probably secretly MORIARTY (the LXG kind), only he’s a PROTOSS (the Starcraft kind), rescue his GRANDFATHER, find the RUBIES, yadda yadda yadda.

Somehow, DAVID SUCHET, DAVID BOWIE, MADONNA and SNOOP DOGG are all in this movie.

By the Numbers

Overall: 3 / 5

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