A guest review by Ian‭ “‬Devo‭” ‬Montgomery


Tim Burton presents Batman.‭ ‬Y’know,‭ ‬that superhero guy everybody knows is absolutely fucking awesome‭? ‬Well he fights the Joker in this one,‭ ‬that one evil clown guy who everyone also knows is fucking awesome.‭ ‬Need I say more‭?

By the Numbers

  • Decent people living in Gotham City‭: ‬Supposedly none
  • Tasty bribes‭: ‬1
  • Lando Calrissians‭: ‬1
  • Number of times Batman ignores his‭ ‘‬no killing‭’ ‬rule‭: ‬1
  • People who die happy‭: ‬4
  • Crusty,‭ ‬haggered reporters‭: ‬2
  • Wonderful toys‭ (‬Batman‭): ‬5
  • Wonderful toys‭ (‬Joker‭) ‬: ‬7

Overall: 5 / 5