Film Reviews (by the Numbers)



LEONARDO DICAPRIO, a PROFESSIONAL MINDFUCKER, fucks with the MINDs of FUCKERS, with the assistance of his merry band of MINDFUCKERS. Little do they know that his MIND was FUCKED by previous bouts of MINDFUCKERY. Everyone’s MINDS, including the VIEWERS’, are FUCKED on many levels. Probably MORE THAN THREE.


By the Numbers

  • Flashbacks: 5
  • Flashforwards: 4
  • Flashupwardses: 237
  • Unexpected Michael Caine: 1
  • Unexpected Ken Watanabe: 1
  • Unexpected heist movies: 1
  • Magical Hollywood Silencers: 2
  • Magical Hollywood Molotovs: 13
  • Cases of Stormtrooper Syndrome: 47
  • Zero G Sausage Sandwiches: 1
  • Dreaming Awake factor: 728
  • Levels of dreams: 4
  • Levels of WTF: over 9000
  • Regrets: rien

Overall: 5 / 5

Why don’t the guys on the ice level lose gravity?

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