Film Reviews (by the Numbers)

Iron Sky


In 1945, NAZIs fled the EARTH and set up a GIANT SWASTIKA-SHAPED MOONBASE where they have hidden for 70 years, planning an ASSAULT on the EARTH with GIANT SPACE ZEPPELINS.  They are thwarted by SARAH PALIN and her SPACE ARMADA.  Who are then, in turn, thwarted by the CREDITS SEQUENCE.


By the Numbers

  • Flying saucers powered by iPads: 1
  • Skin colour changes less convincing than Michael Jackson’s: 0
  • Basic physics issues: 94
  • Basic what the fuck issues: over 9000
  • Laibach songs: 4
  • and yet kittens: 0
  • 9/11: 1
  • Downfall meme reinactments: 0.78
  • MIR resurrections: 1
  • Percentage of moon remaining: 91
  • Feel-good factor of ending: -23
  • Actors in this movie who will ever work again: 0

Overall: 17 / 5

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