Another guest FRbtN by @danfoxdavies.


Two STONERS from a PREDICTABLE BACKGROUND get in an INTERNET FLAMEWAR without the internet bit so much… Seeking RETRIBUTION and RENUMERATION, they get taken advantage of in numerous supposedly hilarious ways to play into OTHER PEOPLES’ STEREOTYPES over and over. And learn nothing because they got high.

By The Numbers

  • Swears: OVER 9000
  • Angels, possibly Charlie’s: 4
  • Angels, shoulder: 1
  • Devils, shoulder: 2
  • Bands plugged: 1, many times
  • Nuns: 6
  • Fourth Walls broken: ∞
  • Third Walls broken: 3
  • Second Walls left unbroken despite heavy impacts: all of them
  • Windows broken: 2
  • Internets placed into nutshells: 1
  • People Who Should Know What Species They Are Talking About: 1
  • Orang Utans: 1
  • Funky Monkeys: Orang Utan.
  • Shots fired by these fine gun-toting Americans: 911
  • Shots on target: That orang utan can shoot better than you. Fine shootin’, boys.
  • Cartoon references in live action: 285
  • American Pies: 2
  • Wangs numbed: 2
  • Rounds of Wangernumb (link: ): somehow, 1
  • Childhood memories destroyed: nah, not really.
  • Entire films used as a massive cover to make a point about copyright on behalf of Miramax Films in such a way as is hidden in plain sight all along but you just don’t want to believe until they suddenly give you no choice: this one, within itself infinite times over.
  • Alcohol required: more than I had.
  • Number of times this film destroyed itself: 1 qubit (both 1 and 0)

Overall rating: 1 and 4 at the same time /5