A WEIRD FISH-THING escapes from a WEIRD HUMAN-THING, comes ashore and falls in love with an ACTUAL HUMAN. WEIRD FISH-THING is then re-captured by WEIRD HUMAN-THING, but escapes, and returns to reclaim her love by LAYING WASTE TO HALF A CITY and AN ENTIRE SHIPPING FLEET with a GIANT ALL-CONQUERING FISH TSUNAMI, then alters EARTH’S MAGNETIC FIELD to DESTROY THE WORLD by crashing the MOON into it.

So basically she’s FRIEZA, but also a FISH that’s in LOVE with a FIVE-YEAR-OLD.


By the Numbers:

Overall: 3 / 5


Danfox Davies 05 October 2014

You might want to re-jig the formatting on this one...

You're right, that's gone totally buggered. Give me a few minutes...

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