USV-01 Hull Assembly

USV-01 “Harry Paye” is based on the HobbyKing “Scott Free” Offshore Racing remote control boat.


The hull comes relatively complete, with ESC and motors mounted internally, dedicated slots for the batteries, and all the through-hull components in place. The interior is not particularly spacious, but should be enough for our purposes.

Out-of-the-box interior electronics

The stern of the vessel is only missing the propeller and rudder assembly:


The prop is simply attached with a 7mm spanner, or in my case a big adjustable wrench, although care needs to be taken when gripping the prop to tighten it.

Prop Attached

A couple of bolts attach the rudder assembly behind it:

Rudder Attached

The rudder is then connected to the servo with a wire, and the water cooling intake connected to the rudder assembly.

Stern View - All Attached

The hull is now ready for connecting the batteries and receiver.

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