USV-01 RC Electronics Fit

With the propulsion hardware fitted, it’s time to fit a set of electronics to enable remote control of the vehicle.

The batteries in general are difficult to fit. In particular, on the port side the battery access is blocked by the ESC. The port battery must therefore be pushed forward on the starboard side, then brought around the front of the motor. This is not especially easy either.

Port Battery fit

The starboard battery can then be fitted too, and velco straps—again with some difficulty—used to hold them in place.

Both batteries fitted

The RC receiver is attached to the throttle ESC and rudder servo by the trailing servo leads.

Receiver fitted

The schematic for the installed electronics now looks like this:

Base RC Electronics Schematic

The boat is now ready to be tested on the water—initially, in the bath.

Boat in bath

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