A Cat's Feelings!

This is an in-character game thread from Changeling: In Love and War. (This page is not Creative Commons licenced.)


Ilandra had been waiting patiently for what seemed like forever in
Regara's castle. She had near to no idea how long cain and abel would
be on their travels with house poppy but she knew that if they didn't
return soon they'd miss out completely on seeing the cool thing she'd
discovered. Come to think of it, didn't that sound suspiciously like
them returning... curious, she looked out the window and saw her best
friend and his brother. She smiled, put on her honeysuckle yellow
slippers (to match the dress don'tcha know) and ran down the stairs
shouting “ABEL ABEL!!!! YOU'LL NEVER GUESS WHAT I FOUND!!!” as she
reached the party abel watched her jumping and shouting for joy
answering “hmm?” she calmed down perceptibly “meanie! But it's just SO
cool!!!” Noticing other people she visibly calmed down, realized she
was being glared at, and (blushing while) facing Duchess Regara “good
day your grace, i hope your journey went well... you've lost a lot of
weight... what happened? (bites her tongue before saying anything else
remembering the last time she made the comment of “what happened, lost
the food cart?”)” receiving an extremely scathing look from Regara.
Looking around, she locates cain, “hello cain” she almost whispers, her
shyness overcoming all her desire to be friendly... she then quickly
hides behind abel who just pats her on the head. “why can't they just
get married” thinks regara “cos then i'd have the allegiance of house


Cain bows politely to Ilandra, and turns towards the castle
gates. But, as he turns, is that the faintest shimmer of crimson
to his cheeks...?

Abel's head slowly turns back and forth, his gaze falling alternately
on the young girl and his brother and a sigh escaping from his
lips. He slaps his forehead with his hand, and refocuses his
tired eyes on the still incessantly bouncing Ilandra.

"Fine, fine," he says with a tinge of weariness in his voice. "Let's go see your shiny thing."

Duchess Regara and her personal servant, the almost entirely un-enigmatically named Mister Chicken, share a knowing glance.

"Finally," the Duchess whispers, "it might be time to sew up the loose ends."


Ilandra takes Abel to his room, pausing briefly outside to blindfold
him and intimate that she's done the same "present" for his brother. A
feeling of dread creeps up on Abel.
Ilandra guides him carefully into his room and removes the blindfold,
revealing how she's redecorated his room in his favourite colours. She
fidgets as she says "...only problem is... I'm not sure what Cain's
favourite colours are... so i made his room look like the glade where
we first met..."
Abel sighs, half smiling and replies sarcastically "What? You mean the
one where you dumped a water bomb on his head?" she looks hurt so he
hastily adds "thanks though" his gaze rests upon a hamper of cakes next
to his bed featuring his favourite foods, a card and Ilandra's paw
print signature. "Let me guess, you gave him my favourite food as well?"
Blushing, she replies, "No, I gave him some of the same type of cake he
got covered in during the post-saining banquet food fight"
Rolling his eyes and trying not to laugh at his friend he replies "oh how did i not guess(!)"
"Oh yeah... I also decorated your mother's room" she replies, more
bubbly despite his sarcastic remarks. Having known him for several
millenia, she's more than used to this by now... after all, they've
been best friends since they went into pre-saining together.
From across the castle a piercing scream resounds and Ilandra once
again finds herself the subject of a critical gaze from Abel. She
blushes and fidgets uncomfortably.
"You know those circus mirrors that warp your reflection?" she pipes
up, " well i ran out of normal ones and i took the ones in your mothers
wardrobe and hung them on the wall to make her room a shrine to her
beauty. They were supposed to make her look thin... I guess she's not
used to it..."
"We'll see later..." he says, squeezing her shoulder to reassure her as
she starts burbling about how he hopes his brother won't hate her for
his room and poetry either...
to GM: Regara's walls are a beautiful shade of sunset and on each wall
is a small poem to her beauty, an example of which would be along the
lines of "oh, your wondrous mouth, beautiful when encompassing a
chocolate bar, and when lost in the moment you enjoy, the chocolate
tries to dedicate an ode to your fantabulous chin" on cain's pillow is
a little sonnet written by Ilandra, telling him a little of how she
feels written using all the skill she has


Whilst Ilandra and Abel talk in his room, elsewhere in the castle...

The Duchess stands stunned for a moment just inside the threshold of
her room, before moving gingerly across the floor as if she were
negotiating a minefield. Her eyes dart across the, for want of a
better word, poetry that adorns the walls, and finally come to rest on
the sight of her own reflection. Her image in the mirror bears
the twenty-six inch waistline she so desired, but it inflates the image
of the rest of her body to twice its normal size.

If looks could kill, her glare qould be murderous.
This is fairyland, after all.
The mirror in front of her smashes into a thousand tiny fragments.

With that, she storms out of the room, shouting and hollering for her servants.

Meanwhile, back in his room, Cain treads similarly carefully across the
what-was-once-carpet of his what-was-once-a-room. He takes a good
look around, grabs the solitary piece of paper left lying on the
cushion of his... what-was-once-his-bed, leaves the room and shuts the
door tightly behind him.


Ilandra stands and waits for the Duchess to reach the room where she
and Abel are now waiting in silent expectation. Ilandra knows that
somehow she can't wriggle her way out of this one. Abel diverts his
attention away from her for a second which is time enough for her to
change into a cat and leave the room, and evidently also her clothes
behind, as she slinks out of the door Regara comes storming in.

Regara looks around and finds no trace of Ilandra other than a small
pile of Honeysuckle dress and shoes. Fuming she screams at Abel and
throws a tantrum of epic proportions... "apparently it's his fault
now...ok" thinks Ilandra.

Having safely got far enough away that she need not fear Regara's wrath
she transforms back from cat form. She starts towards her room to get a
different dress on and to send a letter to her parents and crashes
unceremoniously into Cain. She begins to apologize and notices the
crimson hue of his face. "I left my dress behind, didn't I? Dammit!"
she thinks, matching the shade of his face. She concentrates for a
second and is covered in tabby fur, but it's too late, the damage has
been done. At this she bursts into tears and runs into her room. "Why?
Why can I not seem sophisticated when I need to be?"


Somewhat miffed, the Duchess stomps back to her throne room and sits down heavily, sighing as she does so.
"That damn kid," she mutters to herself. "Will she ever stop mocking me?"
"Who can say, ma'am?" Mister Chicken responds from next to the throne. "Maybe marriage might calm her down."

Standing half-collapsed against the wall next to one of the castle's highest windows, Cain also mutters.
"The fur... She was... Um..."

A few minutes after her arrival there, Ilandra hears a knock at her
door. She opens it discovering Abel there with her clothes,
freshly pressed, in his hands.


Tears still running down her cheeks she smiles weakly... and bursts
into even louder tears. She ushers him into the room, barely able to
string a sentence together.
Seeing how upset Ilandra is, Abel put his arm on her shoulder and
squeezes. She calms down a little and, sniffling laments her inability
to keep her clothes when she needs them.
"you weren't concentrating hard enough then?" he smiles and asks if
she's seen his brother. At this Ilandra describes her encounter. Upon
finishing she finds her friend convulsing with mirth on the floor. She
kicks him gently in the side and tells him to stop mocking her... after
so many years it's the least he could do.

Unfortunately they're interrupted by a servant who's just entered to
inform them that the meal will be commencing in 15 minutes and that
they are expected to be there.


"Fair enough," Abel replies, picking himself up off the floor.
"I'd better head back to my room to change. See you there!"
With that Abel bows, turns and leaves, shutting the door to Ilandra's room quietly behind him.

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