Fetch Me Ice Cream!

This is an in-character game thread from Changeling: In Love and War. (This page is not Creative Commons licenced.)


"Nya!" the Duchess cries, attempting to go from sitting on her
newly-dusted throne to hugging a two-foot-high raccoon in one
motion. The technique was, she reflects from her new position on
the floor in front of you, probably best left to those who have concave
rather than convex waistlines.

The woman tries to look as graceful as possible as she turns her
face-fault into a kneel, and gives you a more sensibly unathletic hug.

"It's great to be back, isn't it!" she exclaims. "Make sure your
scouty lads check out the whole place before the party tonight,
though. Gotta' make sure there aren't any more nasty enemies

"Oh, and, while you're there... I've got an even better use for
your special skills! On your way down to the barracks, you
couldn't... stop by the kitchens, could you? I'm sure there'll be
some ice cream in the ice-house. You can help yourself - it's a
party today! But be a good boy and bring some up here for me,
would you? Thank you!!!"

With that explosive punctuation - and by some miracle the woman does
seem capable of pronouncing all three exclamation marks - Duchess
Regara hugs you even tighter for a moment before sending you on your


Nyano stretches himself to his full height of 2 foot 3 inches before
giving the Duchess a salute that would have made a four year old proud.

"I humbly accept your mission my Lady, the first Ice Cream procurement brigade is ready to march!"

With that he turns on his heels and steps boldly outwards towards the
doors of the great hall. The entire procedure would have been flawless
except that in his haste Nyano forgot he was holding a 6 foot long pike.

Eventually the small ball of raccoon, pike and bright green tunic
managed to get themselves to the doorway, though the action was more
akin to rolling than walking through court.

Before he leaves Nyano stops to brush himself down and grace the room
with a bow, it's extravagance matched only by its enthusiasm.

Getting out to the corridor Nyano found himself greeted by a lone figure cloaked in a cloak made entirely of shaped smoke.

"I've already had the men patrol the area sir, but if the Duchess ordered it, we'll do another sweep."

The raccoon looked up at his assistant scout-master with thanks in his
eyes, "I don't know what I'd do without you Andreas, you always manage
to get stuff done before I think about it"

"Well what'd I say to your father if I didn't deliver you back to him in one piece?"

The raccoon looked like it was about to cry "Do we have to talk about my father?"

"I'm sure he's fine lad, besides don't you have a mission from the Duchess"

"oh yeah, ICE CREAM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"
Wiping the tear from his cheek Nyano marches off towards the kitchen.


Nyano marches down the three flights of stairs to the kitchens, noting
the increased tension amongst the servants with each floor he
descends. Upon his arrival, the entire kitchen is in
uproar. Not only the chefs, but all the serving staff and several
other servants are dashing around like headless chickens trying to make
jobs for themselves when in truth there is little they can do.

Apart from the mammoth mountain of washing-up that is being slowly
devoured and ejected clean by a bunch of servants in the far corner of
the room, it's apparent that little useful work is being done.
The stoves aren't lit, and the cupboards are bare.

Most disturbingly of all, so is the freezer room.

No ice-cream.


Nyano marches directly towards the freezer, his wearing his very best "I'm on an important mission" expression.


Upon arriving at the freezer the shock is too much for his little mind
to take, so he operates on instinct and goes directly for the honey
pot. Finding that bare also he turns to the nearest servant with his
huge eyes brimming.

"Why is there no ice cream?"


The servant remains staring fixedly over Nyano's shoulder - not too
difficult a feat - desipte the dairy-related interrogation. After
a few seconds, her voice seems to return to her just enough that she
stutters "p... po... potato..." before passing out.

A cry of "follow that vegetable!" resounds from the kitchen staff, and
several of the more athletic servants dash after the potato that is now
running for the kitchen door.

An elderly noble who in all the confusion has ended up standing next to
Nyano looks confused for a moment before seeming to hit upon an
idea. He kneels down next to the raccoon and whispers.

"Hey, you know what? You can make potatoes into really
nice ice cream. If only there was someone to catch it for us -
it's very fast, and since it's so small us big folk might not be able
to follow it..."


From somewhere in the castle, a horribly slow grating sound of stone rubbing against stone echoes...

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