Beyond the Frontier -- Session 9 Notes

Run time: 1h 30m


The characters are suitably disguised – Esqui and Zeke as mercenaries, Gavil as an Atar. Dan was given an attempt at a disguise which doesn’t cover his animal bits very well; he elected to stay behind with Ailsa and Ika. Oktar went with the main group.

Enter Harry, a Paladin on a similar quest to that of the black knights. He is taken prisoner by guards on his arrival, but the disguised characters talk their way into taking charge.

They head towards the city, blagging their way past guards as they go.  Eventually they reach the bridge over the lava, most of them are protected – apart from Harry, who is visibly suffering. And inside the city they go – it’s like a Middle Ages, Middle Eastern shanty town made of rock and burnished gold.


Meanwhile, Ailsa tells Dan that she is slowly dying here despite the water and healing she has received. She asks if there are areas here where magic arises naturally, like the glades in her aspect of the world. Ika thinks she means some place with machinery that seems to produce energy, and begins to lead Dan and Ailsa there.


End session.

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